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This for That is where partnerships leaders can find stories and insights on how to build better partnerships. Why? Because partnership is a largely overlooked and under-valued craft with its own tools, tactics and tales. Yet there’s a surprising lack of content available about this craft, especially compared to other functions like sales, product management, design or marketing.  This for That prioritizes quality over quantity - posts are typically twice per month.  

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Because you want to build better partnerships to grow your company and your career. 

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Readers range from seasoned executives to early career builders at +100 companies big and small, including these …

Who writes This for That?

My name is Glen. I’ve spent over a decade building partnerships in tech in the Bay Area. Before that, I helped build partnerships in politics inside the Beltway and on a couple presidential campaigns and in political consulting.  

I write This for That to expand my own knowledge - and yours. Writing in public helps me refine my approach to leading teams building partnerships. But this newsletter is about more than just my views. I regularly feature stories and insights from experts in different sectors, including edtech, fintech, career coaching, venture capital, and more. I also uncover insights by looking beyond technology - in interviews with a former CIA agent, a non-profit executive, and an investigative reporter.   

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